in memory of gill north

Professor Gill North died on 23rd December 2021, aged 61 years after an extended battle with Mesothelioma. This insidious disease is caused by exposure to Asbestos fibers and more than 800 people die each year just in Australia. It can take many years to develop for a single exposure. Other forms of disease also come directly from exposure to Asbestos – and in total around 4,000 die each year in Australia.

memory of gill north

Despite the survival rate of only 6.5% over years Gill devoted herself to founding this charity, researching the story of Asbestos, and speaking out on the horrors of the disease. Governments at the state and federal levels and the industry and regulatory bodies are all culpable.

Her dying wish was to stop exposure to Asbestos – which comes from many years of use in domestic, public and industrial settings. But the third wave is DIY, where more are exposed, and more women are dying than ever before.

Gill’s academic track record is second to none, see her profile here.

In her last week of life she received coverage on ABC The Drum, and in articles in the Australian Financial Review and The DailyMail.

The segment on her life’s work is sobering but also compelling.

Her last hours were confronting but stand as a warning to anyone considering DIY projects and home renovations.

And the coverage of her death.

The Directors of Asbestos Awareness Australia are committed to maintaining the rage and continuing to keep Gill’s legacy alive by raising awareness of the risks from Asbestos exposure, and driving for reform.

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